`​`​Liberate Yourself from Fear​`​`

from by Musical Healing (Eugene Sedletsky)



- by loving it, which is understanding it, then letting it go.

Translation from Ukrainian ::

Everything that we fear in our lives, our reality.. we must become a true friend with it. We must love it so that we can KNOW it, and recognize its feel.

When we are completely and entirely okay with it, no matter what the intention of the energy of fear is, then we can truly and genuinely "say no" to it.

When we have said No to all of [fear], when we love and recognize that it is all possible, but know that we don't prefer it by the actual vibration/feeling of it, our body starts to become immune to it - our system actually forms a barrier within the core physiology, that disintegrates all counterparts to this feeling completely from our state of being, at will. These kinds of abilities of expressing higher self (i.e. this music) then become possible. This fear dissolution is like the doorway to accessing the higher nature that we all contain as our source, and can embody. They are all possible within human nature. This is merely my one expression of it... look within [and listen], for what is yours. :')

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from `​`​Liberate Yourself from Fear​`​`, released January 22, 2014